Are you a Veteran with low credit scores or are your credit scores not established yet?

If so, Security America Mortgage offers an exclusive opportunity to team up with the best in the credit building and repair business at a reduced Veteran rate. Fill out the form or call Brent  1-888-864-0726.

credit building services

Credit Building Services

Tri-Merge Credit Investigations is a company owned and operated by Veterans for Veterans. We specialize in assisting Veterans and their families with their dreams of owning a home or refinancing their home by improving their credit worthiness. Our ultimate goal at Tri-Merge Credit Investigations (TMCI) is to create a better established, consumer with increased buying power who can and will realize the dream of homeownership.

The No Cost, No Obligation consultation is 3 steps:

1. Tri-Merge Credit Investigations will review the derogatory information, late payments, charge offs and collections. (If collections are validated, we will help negotiate removal)

2. We will also review open trade lines (accounts on the credit report the clients are currently paying on) and provide our best advice on how to manage those trade lines to obtain the highest credit score as quickly as possible.

3. The last step is to look at what mixture of revolving and installment credit the client may need to add to their credit profile to obtain the highest credit score as quickly as possible. We will assist in getting any account needed. TMCI has a proven system using Federal Laws that are in place to protect the consumer.

TMCI has a secure web portal that allows the client to go online and login 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to view their file and see the work in progress.

If you would like to work to build your credit to a qualifying score, please contact Tri-Merge Credit Investigations for your No Cost, No Obligation Consultation by filling out the form on this page and receive Veterans Pricing!

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